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Things to do in Overland Park, Kansas


Overland Park is the second most popular city in Kansas. This is one of the best cities to visit in Kansas. Overland Park is a small city with big vibes as well. Many people have some queries related to the things to do in Overland Park. They will be happy to know that there are so many things to do including adventure, innovation and you can also get in touch with the cultural ethics, friendly behavior, and smile. As a traveler, you will fall in love with the place while you get the family-friendly behaviour.

So, you can start your planning today. Here is a list of your to-do list in Overland Park.

1. Take a tour to the Museum at Prairiefire:

If you want to learn some amazing and historical parts of the United States, then you should visit the Museum at Prairiefire. This museum is divided into various parts. One section is designed for children such as Discovery Room. There is a great hall where you can get a chance to learn about science and technology. The amazing and interesting part of this Museum the installation and design of Diachronic glass are made by NASA.

2. Nerman Museum of contemporary art:

Overland Park has no lack of Museums. Nerman Museum is one of the best places to visit in Overland Park. You can get a chance to see the amazing arts of modern artists and it is for sure that some of these amazing arts cannot be found anywhere in this world.

3. IFly:

If you love adventurous sports in Kansas City, then Overland Park has an indoor skydiving center where you can enjoy these sports. This particular center will give you the feeling of flying. There are so many trained experts who can help you throughout the process and give you a comfortable feeling.

4. Arboretum and botanical gardens:

If you are a hard-core nature lover, then you should not miss this. You can see 200 different types of birds there. You can see Children’s discovery garden, Erickson water garden, and Monet garden as well.

5. Old World Ballonery:

If you want to see the whole Overland Park from a different view, then this considers taking you in the sky and gives you a top view as well. For adventure lovers, this is the best place. You can go for the sunrise and sunset ride. You can float over Overland Park wherever the wind takes you. You can enjoy this unique experience through this ride.

Overland Park is a beautiful city and you must visit it. It will give you an adventurous experience and exotic feeling in Overland Park.