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Famous People From Overland Park, Kansas

Apart from being the second-most populous city in Kansas in Johnson County, the city is a big tourist attraction. More importantly, Overland Park has a proud heritage of offering some of the best achievers in human history. There are many of them who have excelled in their respective areas. They have not only made Overland Park proud but have also helped the country to showcase their human resource talent to the outside world. We will look at some of the famous people from Overland Park, Kansas whose names will be always remembered when history is talked about or taught in schools.

Michael Almereyda

Michael Almereyda is a famous and highly respected screenwriter and director. He has many famous works to showcase. They include Hamlet of 2000 that had some of the biggest stars of that time. He also has worked in various other big films such as Real World which was released in 1989. It had some big names in it.

Deborah Bryant

Deborah Bryant was born in 1946 and she was crowned as Miss Kansas in 1965 and went on to become Miss America in 1966. Her Miss America title made her very famous and when she returned to Kansas she was given a rousing reception by the locals. She did her education from Kansas University and was also famous for a number of community activities.

Andrew Gachkar

Gachkar was born in Overland Park in 1988 and was a famous NFL player. He played for some big names like Dallas Cowboys and San Diego Chargers. He started his football career with the University of Missouri and was a famous and dependable linebacker. He was drafted into the NFL team in 2011.

John Lehr

Born in 1965, John Lehr is a famous comedian from this city. He has acted in many films and also in a number of television shows. His Hulu series are extremely popular and he also was the co-creator of the TBS Series. He also played the role of a caveman in the famous Geico Insurance Commercials. He also has worked as a teacher in an elementary school in Chicago.

Sarah Lancaster

Sarah Lancaster was another famous personality from Overland Park, Kansas. She was born in 1980 and has starred in a number of films and television shows. She became a star for her role as Rachel Meyers in Saved by the Bell. She also has guest-starred in a number of other works including That 70’s Show, Cruel Intentions 2, and films like Catch me if you can. Whenever the local nightlife of Overland Park is talked about, Sarah always comes to the minds of people.

The above are just a few names that go to show the country that Overland Park is not only a good place to live in but also has its place in the history of the nation for some famous personalities.