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High Quality Residential & Commercial Painting

If you are looking for an Overland Park painter you are in the right place. Finding a painter that is going to fulfill all of your needs for a reasonable price can be difficult, but it doesn’t need to be. that’s why we are here to help. We are highly experienced contractors who are more than capable of tackling any paint job you might have. No other painting company in Overland Park or Kansas city as a whole is as punctual, professional, or as reliable as us. Above all us, we value accountability and attention to detail. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

What makes us special:

Punctuality and quality. We believe that if you show up on time and ensure you always do a good job, the customer will be happy. It is as simple as that. We haven’t been proven wrong yet. Not only do we do a good job and get the job done on schedule, but we also ensure that you are happy with the quality of the work. There is no use in us being satisfied if you are not. For that reason, we only accept payment after the work has been completed. If you are not one hundred percent happy, we will keep working until you are. This way, you know that you are getting your money’s worth. If you don’t feel you have got your money’s worth, you don’t have to pay. That’s how sure we are that you are going to love our work.

Our guarantee:

We guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with our service. We make it very clear from the moment you sign the contract that we are going to deliver exactly what you asked for. We will leave the full creative control with you, you tell us what you are looking for and we will tell you whether or not we can deliver. We are not one of those companies that will idly say yes to every request. We will only tell you we can get the job done if we can get the job done. To say yes without knowing for certain is disingenuous. We fundamentally disagree with that way of doing business. Every time you hire us for a job, that job comes with a multi-year warranty. This warranty will be provided free of charge. We are more than happy to provide this warranty because we know that our work is going to last. Not just for the length of the warranty, but years after.


Mistakes happen, miscommunications happen, some times things just don’t work out exactly how you had in mind. It is rare, but it still happens. If for whatever reason the work is done wrong we will make it right. The color was wrong, the date we arrive has somehow been mixed up, maybe we fall behind on schedule. That is always on us, we will always hold our hands up and say we are sorry. We will always ask how we can make it right. And we do make it right. Always. The customer is always right is a belief we hold dearly.

The benefit of a good paint job:

Maybe you are unsure about whether you would prefer to hire someone to paint your house for you or do it yourself. Or, maybe you are on the fence about splashing out on a new paint job in general, that’s fine too. Here are some things to consider before you make your final decision.

It is safer to hire us:

It isn’t just easier to hire us than do it yourself, it is safer. Being up on a ladder all day is a recipe for disaster for someone who isn’t properly trained. If you should slip and fall, you could be unable to work for months. The money you will save vs the cost of losing your job is a simple decision to make.

We can get the job done faster:

It can take you on your own, without the proper tools, a long time to get the job done. It could take you weeks to do the same amount of work we can get done in just one day. It is important to get the job done quickly so the paint all looks even.

The cost difference is not as large as you think:

Many people who are on the fence are unsure because of the cost. The cost of hiring someone is, of course, more than doing it yourself. But, you might be surprised to find out that it isn’t that much different. You would have to buy all the tools, supplies, equipment, and paint. When you factor all of that in vs the cost of paying us it doesn’t cost much more to have us handle everything for you.

Overland Park Painter

A nice looking house makes you feel good:

Of course, a house that looks good makes the owner feel good. It is nice to live somewhere that looks nice. It is as simple as that. This applies to you if you are living in your house, or to the potential buyer if you are planning on selling any time soon. In that regard, painting your house is an investment.

See our testimonials for yourself:

Talk is talk, we stand by everything we have said here. We truly believe we are the best company in Overland Park. If you need a little more convincing, take a look at our testimonials. These are reviews from our customers expressing how they truly feel about us. We are proud of our reviews, we worked hard for them. If you are still on the fence, you could contact one of our members of staff via our website’s contact form.


As you can see we are very proud of the service we provide and the quality of our work. We are certain you will be too. If you are, well then you don’t have to pay us a penny. So, do you need a painter? Get in touch today!


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Overland Park Painter

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